To be a dojo for exploring our ongoing phenomenological process, as a way to honor, behold, and enter into the human experience.


I teach students how to relate to their experience with greater awareness. I invite students to relate to their experience with qualities that support the unfoldment of that experience. And I support them in bringing that quality of presence into their relationships. 

In the case of therapists and other healing professionals; I teach them how to bring these supports into their therapist;client (profession:patron) relationships so they may more aptly attune to the phenomenology of the relationship, reflect supportive awarenesses, model a mindful relationship, and impart tools to their clients that support their own process.

Most of the teachings I offer are inherited with love through a variety of Gestalt Theory and Awareness Practice lineages. I also have a growing expertise working with the Enneagram. And I am always learning about spiritual practices that encourage a more contactful experience with one’s self and the universe.