The existential rainbow

A rainbow occurs when matter, energy, and an observer are triangulated into a special relationship in time and space. Light is absorbed and bent by water, and then reflected into your eye and interpreted by your consciousness to create a rainbow. Depending on the individual qualities of these parts, and the relationship between these parts, the rainbow’s colors may look more intense, faded, complete, or incomplete. A rainbow may appear to exist independently from you, water, and a light source, but as far as I know, it requires a specific relationship between all three in order for a rainbow to exist. But then I wonder; can a rainbow exist outside of an exact relationship to energy, matter, and a seeing-other? Does the rainbow prove the existence of all three? Are the three really separate, if they only exist in relationship? Is “rainbow” the name of an object, or is it the name of a relationship occurring in time and space? How often do ethereal things appear more tangible then they are? How often are we believing light and energy to be more constant and independently existing than they actually are? How often do ethereal things exist when we aren’t conscious of them? Does the rainbow constantly exist, and only becomes a part of our consciousness in moments when energy, matter, and you or I happen to land in a rainbow-revealing constellation? 

If the last paragraph has not put you in the same existential space that rainbows do me, try bending your mind a little further and re-read it. This time replace any mention of “a rainbow” with a grammatically correct “I” or “me.” Or try replacing the words “a rainbow” with the word “you.” Maybe replace the words “a rainbow” with one of your life problems. Experiment with me on this one and let me know what happens!