Classroom behavior management

Certified by the Center for Teacher Effectiveness, I provide 6 hour workshops empirically proven to

  • decrease behavioral disruptions
  • decrease feelings of burnout
  • increase time spent towards teaching
  • increase teacher retention 
  • decrease high school drop-outs
  • decrease overall office referrals drastically 

My workshops will provide a set of beliefs and strategies that enable teachers and administrators to pursue the programs and visions they currently have in place.  These strategies do not replace or add to existing plans and programs, they fortify them.  These strategies come from a body of teachers, psychologists, and administrators who hold the teacher-student relationship in highest regard.  Their intentions have been to decrease teacher burn out, student drop out, and improve teacher effectiveness. They have succeeded in every school that implements these strategies. I am certified to teach these strategies at your school.

The strategies and beliefs provided in my workshops:

  • do not assume children arrive knowing how to behave
  • include innovative strategies to decrease disruptive behavior
  • are evidence based, empirically proven
  • enable firm, consistent boundary setting
  • empower teachers
  • are feasible for already-busy teachers
  • promote compassion and unconditional positive regard
  • promote teacher-student relationship building
  • proven effective in K-12 grade levels and across demographics

I make sure these training days are fun, educational, and immediately applicable.  I train from a place of passion, experience, and heartfulness.  I hope to provide your school with this paradigm-shifting workshop.  

Mindfulness in schools

A school is a community. For teachers, students, and administrators it is where you spend most of your lives. Help create a community that fosters connection, healthy boundaries, and promotes compassion and awareness of each other. Learn relational awareness building skills that can be used for teachers, students, administrators, and parents. Learn how to listen to yourself and others more fully. I can teach three hour workshops up to year-long support, depending on each school's needs, availability, and budget. These workshops and consultations promote mindful relationship building with self and others, allowing for the most opportunity to support everyone in each others goals, as individuals and as a community of people.